Pastor’s Desk 4.17.22

from the Pastors Desk

HAPPY EASTER! A Happy Thought on a Happy Feast

Have you ever considered that this is the only time when people, even strangers, give a spiritually based greeting? Merry Christmas is often replaced by ‘Happy Holiday’s’ and ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ has become a secular salutation; but so far ‘Happy Easter’ stands firm in its acknowledgement of what we commemorate. Even though there is more wide-spread celebration at Christmas, we are truly an Easter people.

On Christmas Day we rejoice because Christ has been born and so has become one of us. Today we rejoice because having died for us on The Cross, He has come back to us by rising from death and will live with us until the end of time – and we have the opportunity to live to the end of time – and beyond -with Him! There is no doubt that this is the high point of the church year. And we are able to celebrate together – in person! We hear the Easter story proclaimed at Mass, but, in truth, the Gospels don’t explain Easter – EASTER explains the Gospels!

Belief in Christ rising for the dead is not just something we believe – it IS what we believe! If Christ had not risen, you and I would not be here today – because there would be no church. If Christ had not risen, the over one point two Billion Catholics [Over 18% of the World’s Population!] who will go to church today, would not have an altar to approach. But, you see, Christ HAS died and Christ HAS risen, and what’s more – Christ WILL come again. And when we rise with Christ – WE begin again.

Easter is a Feast of Hope. Until that first Easter morning, death had never been conquered. The world of Peter, James and John, of Mary Magdalene and the other apostles had crumbled into dust when Jesus died on The Cross. What a transformation for them that Easter morning when they realized that he had truly risen, just as HE said. The sun began to shine. God was indeed in Heaven and all was once again right in the world. Death had at last been beaten and Heaven’s gate was once again open. In Him who rose from the dead our hope of Resurrection dawned. New life to the fullest on earth and eternal life in Heaven became a reality. This is what ‘Happy Easter’ means.

So, I say to you, all those you love, and all those who love you; Happy Easter!

Father Ron