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A Prayer for the Fourth of July

Lord of the nations, in your hands are all the people of
this world: the prideful, the needy, the arrogant, the lost,
the high, the lowly, the entitled, the dispossessed, the
loved and the unloved, the blessed and the not so
blessed, and even we too, seeking your comfort, seeking
your aid in tumultuous times.
We give you thanks for the blessings of freedom. May
we learn to use our freedoms to be servants to our neighbors.
We give you thanks for the blessing of justice. May our
own actions – and the actions of our nation – facilitate
justice for all.
Come to the aid of nations and leaders who need your
Come to the aid of those standing in harm’s way.
Make us mindful of the sacrifices of our military and
their families.
Make us mindful of ways that we can support them in
their service.
Strengthen us in faith and calm the fears within us.

Taken from: Holy Shepherd Lutheran Church, Orinda, Ca

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