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Many of you have told me of spiritual quickening’s or illuminations that came to you either at Mass or other times during the week from something you experienced at Mass or other parish activities. Times when you knew God was speaking directly to you.  I thought how edifying it would be to share these with other parishioners. Last week one of you spoke with me of just one such occurrence.

I asked the person to consider writing it down so I can put it in the bulletin. Anonymity was requested and honored. Here it is:

 “…April 12, was Divine Mercy Sunday.  Father Ron’s homily was very touching to me personally.  He talked about mercy and how it is the greater level of forgiveness.  A greater level of forgiveness to people, who haven’t asked, isn’t contrite, isn’t repentant, and maybe is still in the process of hurting others or ourselves.
It hit me hard that we only have to look at the cross for the best example of Mercy.  That is forgiveness at the highest level.  If GOD can show mercy, who am I to not?Throughout my life I have difficulty forgiving.  Whether it is the simple rudeness of some drivers on our roads, or more serious wrongdoings like the Polly Klass crime, I hold onto resentments, those unforgiving thoughts, for a long time.  I always felt people had to earn their forgiveness.
The message in that Sunday’s homily changed me.  I have held an unforgiving resentment to a member of my family for over forty years and could not let it go.  The strength in that message humbled me into asking whether it did any good to harbor that resentment any longer.  Whether to judge another person or to withhold my own personal joy is not something God wants us to do.  He is our best example.  Offering that mercy, letting go of the resentment, unleashing the joy, was a breath of fresh air to my soul.”

Thank you, my friend, for having the courage to share this with us. I hope this inspires others to do the same.

Fr. Ron

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