all souls

There is a basket of paper leaves available in the Hall to PRINT the names of two or three  beloved, deceased family and/or friends. Place the leaves in the basket when you have
completed printing the names. Their names will be artistically displayed during the month of November–All Souls.

There is a long-standing (and honorable) practice of submitting the names of your beloved deceased to be included in the masses of that day. I take that one step further and keep them on the altar and pray for them at every mass for the entire month of November.
Envelopes are available at the doors of church for this purpose (or you can use any envelope you wish). Traditionally, an offering accompanies the names, but if that is not possible, please still do submit the names of deceased family and friends you wish included in the November Masses. That is what is most important to me so I can pray for
them by name. You can put them in a basket reserved for them that will be brought up with the Bread and Wine, or, you can submit names any time this coming month, either at Mass or by dropping your envelope by the office.

ALL SAINTS DAY Masses, November 1:
7am, 9am and 6:30pm
(Holy Day of Obligation)
ALL SOULS DAY Masses, November 2:
9am and 6:30pm

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