We now have 25 young people, those who recently received their First Holy Communion, eligible to become Altar Servers. What a great way to serve our Lord by serving at the Altar.

A little about the Ministry: Altar Servers are not ‘Junior Priests’ and the ministry of Server is open to all Catholics who have received their First Holy Communion and, ideally, can meet the physical requirements necessary; that is – carrying the Processional Cross,
holding the Liturgical books for the priest, negotiating the steps in to the sanctuary. Consideration will be made for anyone who might have any type of physical restriction. No one should be discouraged from serving.
Ok, How Often? How often a server is asked to minister depends largely on the response to this appeal. A safe guess would be at least once, maybe twice a month, probably more during Easter and Christmas times. You will be asked to serve at the Mass which your family attends.

Fr. Ron will be conducting a class for new servers soon. Please let us know if you [or your
child] have an interest in serving God by serving at God’s Altar. You can contact the office at 707-539-4495 or talk to Father Ron after Mass.

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