Baptism Requirements:

If you attend the Sunday Morning Masses, especially the 10:15 mass, you will notice an increased number of families. What a joy to see. And with families come young children and babies. And with babies and young children comes baptism!
Accordingly we are including the basic requirements to have a child baptized in a parish. As you know we cannot do baptisms ‘on-demand’. Nor is there any sense in baptizing a child into a faith in which the child has little or no chance of being raised, particularly if someone wanted the baptism for more cultural than spiritual reasons. However, we do understand that many do not know the specific conditions that need to be met preceding baptism, conditions set by Holy Mother Church, which gracefully bring a person, of any age, into the local Catholic Community.
So, for clarification purposes – here are the basic requirements:
– Family must be registered in a parish and be regular Mass attendees
– One or both parents need to be a practicing Catholic
– Child must have a reasonable chance to be brought up in the Faith.
– Parents and God parents must attend a ‘Baptism Preparation’ class.
– At least one God-parent must be a practicing Catholic
– A three month waiting period (after initial request) is required – so the Parish and the family can become fully acquainted as the child is being baptized into this Parish Family.
These may seem obvious, but some might need clarification or explanation, especially to people who are either new to the faith or are recently returning to the practice of the faith. Please contact Fr. Ron who will be very happy to meet with you.

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