Every Saturday

Until: 15 October 2017

Time: 03:30pm

Place: Holy Family Room

Due to Current Conditions in Sonoma County, Session has been postponed until 10/21/17

Weekly sessions will meet in the Holy Family Room;
October 14th – November 11th, from 3:30-4:50
We welcome all ages, families, and singles.
Saturday Meetings will follow this format:
• 15 minutes- Opening with prayer/song, video announcement of session
• 35 minutes- Small group sharing for spiritual growth
• 30 Minutes-Video lecture from Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC

Judith Mattingly,(707) 538-0685, Diane Lisciandro, (707) 528-2512, Michelle Davis, (707) 889-1343, and Diane Hobaugh (707) 537-8001.