Start Date: 09 June 2020

End Date: 09 June 2020

Time: 01:00pm

Place: Church

The funeral for George Floyd will take place tomorrow, June 9th in Houston.
We will be having a special Votive Mass on that day starting at 1pm.

We will use the prayers for ‘The Preservation of Peace and Justice’. Doors will open at 12:30. All usual safety precautions will be in effect. Please bring a mask.

In lieu of a homily we spend 8 minutes and 46 seconds in silent refection and prayer.
We will pray for all people who are some way ‘marginalized’ due to race, color or immigration status.

If you cannot attend the mass, please set aside 8 minutes and 46 seconds to be united with us in prayer.

God bless us all,

Fr. Ron