Building the Kingdom, one student at a time!Kerygma Book Marker

Walk beside the children of our parish as they explore the Good News of Jesus and our Catholic faith. Over 120 young people (grades K-12) are signing up for Faith Formation classes this Fall. You can help by training to be a catechist, catechist aide or substitute catechist for Faith Formation 2018-19.
With the many classes offered throughout the week (Sunday to Wednesday), you are almost sure to find a time that fits your schedule. As you nurture the faith of our young, and walk beside them on their journey of faith, you will grow and learn as well! As one long-time catechist put it, “I learn so much from the children!” We provide you with training, materials and support. Training will be in August and classes begin the second week of September.
If interested or for more information, contact Megan O’Neill at 539-4495 ext. 12
“Faith formation is more than a subject to be taught-…it is an invitation to a way of life”. – Joe Parocki


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