Faith Formation Grades 1-6

In this Sunday’s Gospel ( Mk 10:35closeERROR: The IP key is no longer supported. Please use your access key, the testing key 'TEST'closeERROR: The IP key is no longer supported. Please use your access key, the testing key 'TEST'–45) James and
John ask Jesus a question that reveals common human ambitions—to be special, to be recognized, and to have privilege. They want to know if they can be at Jesus’ side in the Kingdom. Jesus’ response contains a simple and direct prescription for his followers: If you want to be first, you need to serve others. Jesus came to serve, not to be served, and he wants all of us to do the same.
Pray Together Have a “newspaper” prayer session. Find two or three articles in the daily paper or stories on television, radio, or internet news that show a need for the service of others. Say a simple prayer for each of those situations. Invite everyone in the family to look for opportunities to be of service during the coming week.


2nd Year Confirmation Candidates!
We gather this Tuesday, October 23rd from
6:30PM -8:00PM in the Holy Family Room for
Service; Preparation for Trunk or Treating!

This is a great opportunity to serve our parish. We will gather at 6:30pm to create games for Friday evening. So, bring your ideas for exciting Halloween fun!
If you cannot make it to this class, you are still welcome to join us on Friday evening
(Oct. 26th 5:15- 8PM) to set up and run games for Trunk or Treating!


All 8th-12th graders are invited to join us for
Wednesday Night G.I.G.!
“Just Say No!”
(An evening of fun, faith and friendship)

October 24th, 7 -8:30PM in the Holy Family Room

There are many things in life we would like to say “No” to but don’t out of fear of losing a friendship or not fitting in with our peers. Join us this evening and we will explore ways to say “No” with grace and save face! It is never too late to join us! Friends are always welcome!
Questions contact Megan O’Neill (


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