Faith Formation

Faith Formation Grades 1-6

At this Palm Sunday Mass, the Gospel is the story of Christ’s passion from Luke’s Gospel. Palm Sunday with its reenactment of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem is the lead in to the holiest days of the year. The events of this week follow Jesus’ steps through the Last Supper, the agony in the garden, his betrayal, his trial and condemnation, his Death on the Cross, and his burial.
Pray Together
Jesus, Lord of Life, show us how to live.
When we are afraid, angry, sad or rejected,
Teach us to live deeply into difficult experiences,
That we might find meaning and purpose
Even in moments which require dying.
May our deaths be just another step on our living.

2nd year Confirmation Preparation

This Monday, April 15th we will gather from 6:30-8PM in the Holy Family Room. Come and help us prepare the eggs and prizes for our annual Easter
Egg Hunt. We will also play a game to help us remember the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirt and begin our designs for our Confirmation stoles which will be displayed in the hall at your Confirmation. Come prepared for service, fun, enrichment and art!

1st year Confirmation Preparation
We will gather on Monday Night (4/15) from 6:30-8PM in
the Parish Classrooms. We will talk about the meaning of
Holy Week.

All 8th to 12th grade teens are
invited to join us for Wednesday Night Gig!
We will gather Wednesday (4/17) 7:00-
8:30 PM in the Holy Family Room for a

“Creative Art Prayer Evening” !

Contact Megan O’Neill with any questions.

Adult Faith Formation

If you are interested in joining the Catholic Church or would like an adult update on what you last learned in JR. High School or High School, come join us:
Wednesday Nights – 7:00- 8:30PM
Rosary Room
Led by Thom O’Neill

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

Anyone wishing to become Catholic or wanting to receive further Sacraments, i.e., First Communion or Confirmation, may contact Megan O’Neill for more information. You are invited to a period of Inquiry!

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