quiltsGET ON THE BUS Quilt Raffle – For many years, Holy Spirit parishioners have supported Get on the Bus with their prayers, their volunteerism and with generous financial contributions. Thank you for your service and beneficence! Since the need is still great, I am again appealing to your generosity, and asking you to support the Annual, Multi-Parish Get on the Bus Quilt sale in which you can win beautiful, hand-crafted quilts and other crafts made by artisans in the parish and beyond.
This year, over 1,200 children will board buses and travel to prisons located hundreds of miles away from their homes to visit their mother or father. Together, these families will create a positive memory, with face painting, play time, meals and a treasured family photograph. Quite a gift for children who—through no fault of their own—are living with the stigma, fear and loss of having a parent in prison.
Get On The Bus is a simple, yet extremely effective in-tervention, that both ameliorates the negative impacts of parental incarceration on children AND decreases the recidivism rates of their parents upon re-entry into society. In other words, Get On The Bus is one of the best investments we can make in a state with the largest prison system in the country.
Following each Mass on April 14th and 15th the annual GOTB Quilt Raffle tickets will be on sale in McCarthy Hall and quilts will be available for selection. Please help us to bring happiness to these children!

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