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Don’t be silly?

Overheard at a restaurant recently: He said; “Do you go to church?” To which she replied; “Who goes to church anymore, that’s silly?”
The funny thing, or in this case, the ‘silly’ thing is that she was more correct than she knew or intended. The English word “silly” has a blessed history. It actually derives from the German word for “Blessed” or “holy”. There are other words in our language which at one time described something interior as a state of being, and yet later, came to describe an outward state of behaving.
Silly, in American usage, usually refers to something childish, even somehow cute.
Although, it can mean trivial and/or stupid as well. In our culture, religion, believing and
trusting in faith are seen by some as very silly and those who live according to religious
traditions are silly. Ah, how true that is if we believe that we are blessed.
As we live our Eucharistic Faith throughout our days, we are encouraged to do unusual, eye-catching things, that to some, might bring the reaction of negative shaking of heads (look around the restaurant at the expressions on the faces of those watching you bless yourself and say Grace before your meal). And I wonder what the people driving by think of the little bands-of–believers who silently and peacefully just stand and pray rosaries on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood? Actually I know firsthand what some of them think; I’ve actually had things thrown at me from passing cars.
We can pray these days with how our faith and the actions flowing from our beliefs
might seem silly to some, such as going to mass, visiting the prisoner and the sick, clothing
the naked, sheltering the widow(er) and orphan. We can pray with how unconformed
our lives are or are not.


How blessed do we think we are?  Come on now, don’t be silly.
Then again, be as silly as God calls you to be!



Father Ron

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