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Well, that’s not exactly how the Scripture passage goes, but it sure does apply to us here today. As you know, if you have been here the last few weeks, our heating system is down. The continuous recent torrential rain finally did the duct-work in under the church. Those of you who have been here for many years have cited to me that the gurgling sound and poor heating in the winter have been with us for decades. As far back as over 30 years, but never, NEVER like this! The previous solution was to hook up little sump pumps and pump it out. That kind of worked, but, so we have just discovered, there was still water in there afterwards. The reason why the heat was so poor last month was that it had to first heat up the water before. How much water? As of this writing [Wednesday evening] we have pumped out 4,500 Gallons of water. Yes, that is right….FOUR THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED GALLONS!!!! And, according to the weather-people—it is supposed to
rain until Tuesday and then again after a one day break on Wednesday. So we will keep pumping.

And now the GOOD NEWS: We think we have a solution that will finally once and for all address this whole issue. Thanks to untold hours by Loyde Johnson meeting and
talking and planning with numerous contactors and specialists in this area, we’ve come with not just a fix, but a permanent solution.

So – the final estimate will be given to me Saturday Morning [Feb 4] and after I recover from the shock, it can be signed and approved and they are ready to hit the ground running Monday morning with the plan of being finished – yes FINISHED by next weekend. That’s the plan. As to the cost, at this point To Be Determined, but whatever it is, we have to do it. As stated – this is a permanent solution and the heat will perform better
than it ever has and we will enjoy this summer with the Air Conditioning too!
Thanks for your patience. Soon and very soon!

It you look in the parking lot you will see facing the church 6 spaces with amber stripes in front of white signs with green lettering saying: ASSISTANCE NEEDED – PARKING ONLY. This indicates they are for people who need some assistance in walking and
would greatly benefit from being closer to the church than on the opposite end of the parking lot.
Why do this? As you know we have experienced tremendous growth in our parish and Mass attendance. More people = more cars. And even though we already have 10 spaces designed as ‘Handi-Capped’ we needed more spaces devoted to those who also might need
assistance, even if just for that day. This still leaves 144 other spaces, as well as curb parking. So, please continue to be considerate when parking.
Whose idea was this? The signs were proposed at a Parish Advisory Committee meeting last year. The vote was unanimous. During that time Patrick McDermott, a parishioner, came to us offering to do some type of project for the parish that would be part of his attaining Eagle Scout – the pinnacle of Scouting. Adding one and one was simple enough and lo, the match was made. The aforementioned rains over the last few months and the holiday breaks pushed the project back to last weekend, but now along with repainting a lot of the other Arrows and ‘Handi-Capped’ parking symbols on the pavement, it is finished. Thank you Patrick McDermott and Troop 32. It was inspiring to see the troop there working together on this much needed endeavor that will benefit so many.
Introibo Ad Altare Dei, ad Deum qui laetificat juventutem meam

All our lights, Church/Hall and Parish House, inside and out – including the parking lots have been changed to more user-friendly, greener, and energy efficient bulbs. Even though they are much brighter, they will use at least 1/2 the energy than what we had before. So, let your light shine before all that they may see the good that you do and give glory to God!

are next, once the heating and water accumulation project is completed. Our goal is to have three bathrooms instead of two, all A.D.A. approved. They would be single occupancy and not gender-specific, although that is still under discussion.

So, that’s that for now. As always, we’ll keep you informed.

Father Ron

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