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House in a Box?

Lenten Almsgiving.
Every year, for the Parish, we choose something different to reach to. Things that help people in great need directly, personally. You have been so generous over the years whenever I have asked for assistance. There are so many good causes and programs out there. Most of what we hear about are ways to assist the ‘First Responders’. And with the fires and floods of recent years there have been ample opportunities to do just that. But when the fires are all extinguished and the flood waters recede – there exists a real need for ‘Second-Responders’.

Our Parish Advisory Committee discussed at great length how we can assist such efforts and what would be an appropriate ‘Alms-Giving’ for Holy Spirit Parish this year. ‘House-In-A-Box’ was voted in unanimously.

House-In-A-Box is a program sponsored by St. Vincent de Paul. It provides new household items for families who have lost everything as a result of natural disasters and who are forced into situational poverty. Imagine if your own home, and everything in it – EVERYTHING – was completely destroyed and all you had left was the clothes on your back. This was/is the situation for hundreds and hundreds of people, even
families with newborns!

The “House in a Box” gives dignity to families in crisis as it gives them a new and fresh start. All families receive the same new items which are packaged for efficiency of delivery. The program is scalable to the size of the family and starts at $2,100 for a family of four but larger families can receive further items. Note – the monies raised here goes to assist as many families as possible. The families are already signed up and awaiting assistance.

So, what’s in that Box? House-In-Box provides basic furniture for a family of 4 people. This includes beds, linens, dishes, pots and pans, dressers, silverware, bathroom setup, dinette and a couch. In some cases tables and chairs and dressers are available as well.
Again, all items are new and in their own ‘boxes’.

We still have families in nearby Lake County who lost everything and are not yet recovered from the fires there. They are living in tiny one bedroom apartments or motels. We still have local families for whom this would be a God-Send. Literally.

So, as you save up what you might otherwise spend on yourself or your entertainment, or the monies saved by simple eating on fast days and Fridays – please keep this outreach in mind.

I will inform you as to how we will collect your offerings at the end of Lent. You may note that we do not have anything for you to put your monies in like we did with the baby bottles last year. I suggest you find something appropriate in your own home, something
meaningful to you. Something you see every day that will remind you to give what you can, when you can.

God Bless you and all those you love,

Father Ron


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