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5:30 Sunday Evening Mass and Town Hall Meeting
Starting last November 29th, 2015, I have said evening mass every Sunday here at Holy Spirit. As I said in the bulletin the previous week before it stated; “If it catches on through Advent and the Christmas season – we’ll re-evaluate and decide whether to keep it – or not”. It did. I extended it through the 4 weeks of Ordinary Time and now through the 5 weeks of Lent. But now it is time to resume the previous schedule.
Attendance has been great, it is consistently significantly larger that the 7:30am and often equal to or exceeding the 5pm Saturday Mass. However, our original intent has not been actualized. We had hoped to reach out to a population that might otherwise be unable to attend any other weekend mass. I also was counting on assistance from local clergy to spell me now and again. Neither came to fruition.
There is some talk about possibly bringing back an evening mass for the summer – but starting at a later time in the day. I plan on holding a ‘Town Hall’ meeting in the very near future and Mass Times in general will definitely be one of the topics on the docket. We want to be as accommodating as possible, but also be realistic in not stretching ourselves too thin or exhausting ourselves.
So, until further notice we will wrap it up this Sunday March 13th. Thank you to all who helped out serving and lectoring, playing the piano, ushering and being EM’s. I have enjoyed the ‘Little Mass’ as it is affectionately called. It was gentle.

Lenten Confessions
Whereas it is true that most people here prefer to just set up a time with me personally to go to Confession {along with our regularly scheduled weekly times}, we do try to have a time during Advent and/or Lent where we can make them more readily available. Tuesday, the 22nd of March will be such a time. Starting at 6:30pm, 4 priests will be available to hear private Confessions. Including one who is bi-lingual – speaking both English and Spanish. Along with Pope Francis, I encourage to take this opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation especially in this ‘Year of Mercy’.
This is a ‘No-Frills’ service. We’ll have an opening prayer, introduce the priests {maybe a song} and then right to it. No formal conclusion to the night. You can leave when you wish. I do also encourage your prayers for those who will be confessing to truly make a good confession. All are welcome. You can even come just for a blessing.

Father Ron


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