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Taking a ‘Guilt Trip’ this Lent?

Guilt is good. Well, in proper proportion anyway. Therein lies the rub. Like so many other
things that CAN be good – we tend to over indulge in it – especially during Lent. Guilt is a normal, Godgiven reaction to sin. Let me explain. Guilt is the spiritual counterpart to the physical sensation of pain. As pain saves us from being seriously hurt or warns us that we need medical attention, so guilt warns us that something is wrong spiritually. Guilt is part of reality. The question is not: “Will I go on a guilt trip?” All human beings will go on guilt trips. We can’t help it. The question is: “When and where and for how long will I go on a guilt trip?”

If we deal with guilt by repenting immediately and taking a short guilt trip to Jesus’ forgiveness, we receive love, mercy, and freedom from our sins. If we delay our guilt trip and hope we won’t need to take one, we’ll eventually take one anyway. The longer we wait, the worse it gets. If we wait too long (and I mean LITERALLY TOO LONG!) we can even end up taking a one-way guilt trip to…..well you definitely don’t want to go there! If we take a guilt trip not to Jesus’ love, but to our selfpity, or human efforts, our guilt leads to shame (shame results when we try to deal with guilt by our own power). Shame is self-hatred. And God certainly does not want us to hate ourselves. Therefore, when we sin, we should repent immediately and take a short guilt-trip to Jesus’ forgiveness.

Lent is a Journey to Easter, not a Guilt Trip to Shame. Life is a Journey, not a Destination. May we all meet at Journeys End – in the Heavenly Realm.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation [Confession] is the best way to get off the Guilt-Trip and back on the Journey. I am available daily for private appointments. Our regularly scheduled time for Confession is posted on the front of the bulletin.

This year’s Lenten Confessions will be on March 22, [this Wednesday] starting at 7 pm [right after our 6:30pm mass]. Multiple priests available, including bi-lingual [Spanish – English]. We will stay as long as needed.

Blessings, Fellow Travelers,

Father Ron


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