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Picture the classic movie scene……a man and a woman rushing toward one another across a field, running with arms out stretched to that moment of embrace……totally unaware of
anything else around them…..focused only on the face of the other. Nothing else matters to them but one another. Finally they reach each other and leap into an embrace! Ah…..
This in a modern analogy is what Jesus is talking about with the treasure in the field and the pearl of great value……once you find the one thing that has within it all the meaning of
life you need nothing else. In fact, you give up everything else you have in life in order to hold this one thing.
We have heard a lot of homilies over the years about how we need to give up “things” and “stuff” in our lives in order to join with Jesus…heck, I’ve given some of them myself
when we have scriptures like the Rich Young Man or if you have two coats give up one or any of the other calls to simplify life.
Why is it so hard to part with our stuff?
Perhaps it’s because we don’t truly believe we have yet found the treasure in the field, the pearl of great value…… the Kingdom of God remains something we see far off in the
distant, a Kingdom to come, and not a Kingdom that is both future and present.
Or, perhaps it’s because we truly don’t understand what God is asking us to get rid of in order to enter the Kingdom.
Let’s focus a minute on what this “stuff” is that we have to get rid of in order to embrace the Kingdom.
If we’re going on a trip we decide what stuff to take based on the conditions at the destination – if it’s the Lake in summer we take swim suits, towels, suntan lotion, sandals etc. If we’re going to Tahoe in the winter, we take warm clothes, gloves, hats, scarves, skis, snow boards etc. So, if our destination is the Kingdom of God, what stuff do we need there? [No, not clouds, wings and harps!]
Looking into scripture, we have a God of perfect love – the Kingdom must reflect our God – so, what attributes do we need to gain the Kingdom. St. Paul writes that love is patient,
love is kind, love is forgiving, love is never angry……Hmmm…
If these are the things of the Kingdom, then what we have to “sell off”, what we have to give up, in order to buy that field, in order to own that pearl, in order to reach that Kingdom is….
Our anger,
-and, our lack of kindness
-and, our failure to forgive
-and, our lack of understanding of others
-and, our jealousy
-and, our fear
Amazing isn’t it!!!!!!
Here we thought God wanted us to give up our money, our house, our car, our 85” flat-screen TV, our tennis rackets, our golf clubs…..and, all along all God wanted was for us to give up the parts of ourselves that we don’t like anyway!
The more amazing thing is……we hang onto those very things for dear life.
God does not want your new car……God wants you to give up your prejudices and love other people.
God does not want your savings account……God wants you to totally and fully forgive anyone who harms you.
God does not want your job…….God wants you to look at every person you see and believe you see Jesus there.
Let us consider what it truly is within us that God wants us to give up in order to join in the Kingdom.
For the kingdom starts here and now.

Father Ron               


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