… a View from the ‘Pew’…

(Observations and Comments from fellow parishioners)

Dear Parents, guardians and family members!  

How quickly the summer has gone by and school is just around the corner.  You might have noticed in a recent bulletin that Religious Education classes for 1-6th grade are set to Mid- September. As both a parent and former teacher for the program, I wanted to take this opportunity to encourage all of you to sign your children up for the classes.  

As we get caught up in the busyness of life, it is good to be reminded:   – We, as parents, are the first teachers of the faith for our children.  We need to lay the foundation, (and fulfill our marital vows to raise our children in the faith, as well as the baptismal promises we made for our children to raise them up knowing, loving and serving God) so that our children will hold those truths in their hearts, and desire to serve and please God, rather than the world, throughout their lives.  

– Children are so able to grasp many of the deep mysteries of our faith, because of their purity and innocence. There is never a better time to teach them how to explore the wonderful richness of our Catholic Faith and that God has a great plan for that child’s life. 

– If we were raised with the idea that catechism class is for preparing to receive Jesus in  Holy Communion (usually around 3rd grade) and then not ―necessary until it is time for the Sacrament of Confirmation ( usually, Junior High or High School), we need to realize that  catechism and religious education are on-going.  At each grade level, no matter which Sacrament has been received, there are classes to GROW in KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING of our beautiful FAITH, which Christ Himself gave to us.    

As a Catholic community, we are on this journey together.  Let’s share our knowledge and gifts and grow in faith together.  Please sign up your children for catechism this year.  What they learn this year will be seeds planted for their future vocation.  God be with you and bless you.    


News and Notes

-I wish to add that we have several opportunities to serve for teachers in this coming year’s program. Specifically Grades 1, 4 and 5 and aides for all grades.    If you are interested – please contact Meagan O’Neill, our Faith Formation Director, (or me) for more information.

– “Children’s Place’ project update. We are waiting for our ground covering to be delivered either August 5th or 6th. Once we have that laid and the fence installed we can put in our ‘play areas’ and such. My hope is that this will be finished by August 15th. That’s the plan anyway.

– Also, we have completed and submitted our Annual Budget to the Diocese. We are also preparing a ‘State of the Parish’ Financial report – hopefully to be included in next week’s bulletin

– I also want to recognize the efforts of Father Tom Diaz, and your generosity, for the parish response to the Capital Campaign, not only did we meet our goals – but we exceeded them by $7,090, which has been returned to us. Our next effort is to address the remainder of the Annual Ministry appeal – we need another 5 thousand or so. To date, 75 of over 500 registered households have contributed. If all give some    – we will meet and exceed our goal for the AMA as well (and get the return). This will be further addressed next week.

God’s Blessings!                                                                                                                                   Father Ron


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