Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria – Louisiana, Florida, Mexico, Puerto Rico. The USCCB [United States Conference of Catholic Bishops] have asked that all U.S. parishes assist in relief efforts. I know this is back to back, but we are duty-bound to help those in most need, no matter who or where they are and at what cost.
Our Bishop, in a recent communication to the priests in our diocese stated: “Despite the two special collec-tions already taken up in September the more recent storm affecting the Caribbean, especially the Diocese of Saint Thomas, presents another opportunity for charitable engagement. We have also received inquiries about the need for a special relief collection for Mexico in light of the devastating earthquakes there.”
The USCCB sent a letter to all bishops requesting further assistance in these areas. They assure that all contributed funds “…will be used to support the reconstruction and pastoral needs of the church as well as human-itarian and recovery assistance…”
I know we had an amazingly generous response to our collection for Hurricane Harvey – and, since when we took it up, that was the only disaster specified – I want to assure you that all those funds will go there and there only.
What I am proposing is that on October 15th we take up a ‘Disaster Relief’ collection that can be divided among the above mentioned areas. So, please continue to pray for all the people effected and those who are responding. And, those who will continue to do so.
God bless us all.

Father Ron

“Our actions have a tongue of their own; they have an eloquence of their own, even when the tongue is silent. For deeds prove the lover more than words.”
-St. Cyril of Jerusalem

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