NEWS and Notes from the Pastor’s Desk

-Children’s Place:  Although we have been using it many times already, it is far from finished. I am still researching getting the right play set for our needs.  It is a lot more complicated than I had ever imagined. I hope to order one this week. We are also acquiring fold-up picnic tables, a covered glider bench and a baby-changing station as well!  I’ll keep you posted.

-Woman of the Year:  Our own Lynne Decota was honored at the Annual Santa Rosa Council of Catholic Women celebration last Saturday. The Bishop said Mass and awarded certificates to 11 women from the diocese. Lunch followed with continued honors.  Even though I’ve only been here 15 months, I’ve seen her love, dedication and faith put into action too many times to count and have great joy that she was honored by the women of our parish in such a fashion. If you know Lynne, you know of what I speak. If you don’t know her – it is because, although she is a tireless worker for just about everything we do here– she is not one to draw attention to herself or seek public recognition. Well, too bad Lynne!   We love you and WANT to thank you for all you do. You are an inspiration to the present and next generation.

-You Rock Retreat: Rocks and Stones are very prevalent in Sacred Scripture. They are something we encounter actually and metaphorically in our daily lives – ergo a good focus for a Catholic Youth Retreat.  Last weekend Megan (Our Faith Formation Director), her family and some parishioners and parents (who set-up and provided lunch and dinner),  conducted a 26 hour ‘live-in’ retreat for 14 of our Junior High and High School Students.  Were the Youth enthused? Let’s put it this way—for the first time in over 50 years—during the Ice breakers (get to know you games) … they were so enthusiastic that a neighbor asked us to quiet down! (Note –this was well before 10pm).
From creating a sacred place ‘Bethal Altar’ to claiming and naming special ‘Pet-Rocks’ and looking at what are the ‘big-Rocks’ in their lives – it was assured that God must be present first. It was a great joy to see our young people so engaged and enthused!  Thanks to all who helped!

– A Note from Fr. Diaz:  (To those of you new to our community, Fr. Tom Diaz was the previous pastor here.)  “ I would like to thank Fr. Ron for letting me cover the parish for a weekend  a few weeks ago. I also want to thank all those who made a donation to my parishes and to those who bought tickets for the St. Bernard’s/Sacred Heart Raffle on Oct 17th as our Big Event was postponed until February. Hopefully by having the raffle after Saturday evening mass this weekend we will get a few more people to mass.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Holy Spirit celebrating mass with you! God Bless You! Fr. Tom”

– Annual Priest Retreat: This week I will be attending a Priest Retreat with my brother diocesan priests. In a timely fashion the reflections will be based on “The Joy of the Gospel” written by Pope Francis himself! Since our diocese covers such a great geographical expanse – (right up to the Oregon border!) – it is also a time for the ‘guys’ to socialize, renew past friendships and get acquainted with priests new to our diocese. Please pray for us.

Father Ron


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