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Sunday Evening Mass?

After being a Pastor in five different parishes one thing I have certainly learned is to NOT change Mass times unless it is absolutely necessary. So – first off – even though there is talk about moving the Sunday Masses back to 8 and 10:30 – that is NOT what we are doing!

At our last Deanery Meeting (Gathering of priests from the 11 local Catholic parishes) a need was expressed to have a Mass somewhere in Santa Rosa on Sunday evenings that was both engaging and efficient. A mass not so much primarily aimed at ‘Youth’  or even ‘Young Adults’ but one that certainly will engage them and address the realities of their lives.

It will also provide a time for young families, and single people as well who might not otherwise be able to attend the Sunday Morning services. Also – many ‘Santa Rosans’ go out of town on the weekend and only return on Sunday Afternoons. Such a Mass will accommodate them as well.

The mass will be contemporary, progressive and efficient in that it is ‘no-frills’. In other words – always well under an hour – not that we will rush or skip anything. We will certainly be respectful and adhere to all liturgical guidelines.

All this being said my priest brothers were in agreeance that this mass should be here at Holy Spirit and that I should get it going (they will help out in time).

I think it is certainly worth a try, don’t you? And in speaking with many of you it seems like Advent is a good time to start it. If it catches on through Advent and the Christmas season – we’ll re-evaluate and decide whether to keep it. If not, well, we won’t.

As far as Readers and Eucharistic Ministers and Music – I am leaving that in the Holy Spirits hands (or…Wings). I have to see who shows an interest.

Bottom Line:  Starting November 29th, Holy Spirit Catholic Church will have a Sunday evening mass beginning at 5:30pm.

Father Ron


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