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Not About Money

Many preachers will use today’s Gospel to talk about money. Specifically tithing or increasing your weekly contribution to the parish. Some will give guidelines, percentages and even exact amounts. I’ve never done that. In fact, several of you have commented that I rarely, if ever, even mention money. Well, that’s not because we don’t need it. It’s because when we do need it for a special project, or a special need or something like that — you have always come through.

You have a household budget. It is based on your income. We, too, have a budget, also based on our income. Our income is determined by you. As collections increased in the last 6 years, so the educational and liturgical programs were enhanced and increased. If they decrease, well, we still will maintain our Catechetical, Youth and Sacramental Programs as primary. But I am sure that will not happen and I do greatly appreciate your generosity. It is as nice NOT to have to talk about money as it is NOT to hear about it ☺.

That being said, some people do think that the Parable of the Talents is all about money. It is true that a talent at the time of Christ was equivalent to thirty-six kilos of silver and therefore very valuable indeed (just over 4K in today’s market). However, to think that this important parable is somehow defending a capitalist view of the world is a serious mistake.

In the parable Jesus is speaking about spiritual wealth. Of course, this should come as no surprise to us since we know quite well that Jesus was not concerned with money or the accumulation of wealth. What Jesus wants is for us to use our spiritual gifts in His service and thereby serving others. He wants us to embrace the Gospel and the life of prayer; by doing this we will multiply the spiritual fruits that flow from a life spent in His service.

As we grow in faith we to learn to appreciate the spiritual gifts that we have been given. Let us not ignore the spiritual aspect of our nature, or fail to nourish it that it might gradually wilt away. We are called to unlock our spiritual talents and put them to good use. It may be that we have a gift for prayer or a special concern for social justice or a gift for interpreting the scriptures or for teaching or for some other spiritual quality. It is of great benefit to ourselves and those around us when we discover which spiritual gifts we already have and put them to good use in the Church and the world. As I said a few weeks ago – you might be very surprised to what and where God leads you.

Follow Him.

Father Ron

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