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Thank God

This Thursday we celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s a favorite holiday as family and friends gather to eat turkey and pumpkin pie, and maybe watch some football (and hopefully attend Holy Mass at 10am!). Inevitably, on that day someone will ask; “So-What are you thankful for?” For many of us, we are thankful for/to all the first responders and those who risked their lives to save others. Also, thankful to those who opened their homes to the displaced, and, thankful to the many people who helped financially, so we can assist those in most need.
Another ‘thank you’ that I have heard many, many times is: “I thank God that my family is safe. We can replace everything else, but I am so thankful we all made it out”. That really puts this holiday in perspective.
Thanksgiving is a day to thank God. The world around us has pretty much taken that aspect of the Holiday out. Instead it focuses almost entirely on thanking other people (which we should do anyway) as if that is enough.
Even if we do remember to thank God on Thanksgiving Day, do we remember to thank God all year long? The gospel for Thanksgiving is the story of ten lepers who were cured. Only one came back to show his gratitude for Jesus’ miracle. Out of ten, only one returned to give him thanks.
On Thanksgiving Day, many people will proclaim their thanks to God, but what about the
other 364 days of the year? It’s easy to forget, and even if we say ‘Thank God’ do we really mean it – or is it just an expression of speech? Or, when bad things happen, do we forget to be thankful for the One who, even through our rough days, is giving us
the gift of another day of life? The one who will give us the strength to persevere? Even though it’s sometimes difficult to give thanks on those days, we need to remember to thank God for His love and mercy that He shows us every day. We are called to be more like the one leper because he illustrates the need to live every day in gratitude for the gifts and
the love God gives us.
To everyone, I want to wish you a blessed and happy Thanksgiving, even if it is not your
traditional holiday. Today is a day to give thanks and praise to the Lord for allowing us the opportunity to celebrate this holiday. But we need to also remember that we shouldn’t only give thanks one day of the year – we need to incorporate the Thanksgiving spirit into our lives all year long!

I thank God for each and every one of you.
Father Ron 

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