The Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus
Christ, King of the Universe:

This Feast Day is enhanced by asking; and answering a few questions:
Who is Jesus?
What does He mean in your life?
We call Him Messiah or Christ. Do those words mean anything to you personally?
We call Him Savior, Redeemer and Lord. What effect does this have in your life?
In the Scriptures, He is called Son of David, Son of God and Son of Man. Are those just words, or do they have a meaning for you?

The Church is constant in seeking ways to express the mystery of Jesus, the Christ. Each title for Jesus should have some meaning for our lives. Today we use the title ‘King’. This title may have little relevance in our democratic world. But by this title, we seek to recognize that Jesus is the heart and center of our lives. We live for Him. We find the
meaning of all things in Him. We accept His rule over our lives, and we live by His code of morality. It means that we strive to follow His will and to serve Him in everything we think, say and do.

May Christ be King in your heart, now and all ways,

And another thing!
I have a pre-Christmas gift for each of you! By popular demand – after each Mass next weekend I will be handing out The Advent Little Blue Books – one for each household. These are similar to the ones I gave you the past three Advents and Lents.
I sincerely encourage you to read these brief verses and meditations to grow closer to The Lord before Christmas. I know this is an increasingly busy time, but these few minutes will make Christmas much more meaningful for you and yours. Spending that short time daily will dramatically change your experience during Advent from one of commercialization
to Spiritual openness. Please take one home and continue our Advent and Christmas Tradition!
Many Blessings,

Father Ron


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