…from the Pastor’s Desk:

Tuesday, December 8th, is a day which Mother Church deems so important that it has the same weight of responsibility as does a Sunday. Meaning all Catholics are expected to attend Mass on this day as they would on any given Sunday. Why?  Well, not because one day a week (Sunday) was not enough, but because the ‘Holy Days of Obligation’ are so important and unique to our faith and so defining of who we specifically ARE as Catholics that the church in Her love for us wants to make available this opportunity for us to be enriched and nurtured by this Feast. Unfortunately in our era many Catholics see them as an imposition or an inconvenience. And I honestly don‘t know why. These ‘Holy Days’ are so few yet so beneficial and so ‘Full Of Grace‘. We should not take this mandate lightly.

Okay, Father Ron, but – what is this feast is all about? Good question.  From the first moment of her existence Mary is sinless, the single member of our race conceived without Original Sin. Before the foundation of the world God chose Mary and gave her very spiritual blessings and chose her to be the mother of God‘s Only Son.  Mary, a young, unknown and already betrothed peasant virgin chosen before time for this glorious and salvific role.

Likewise, before the foundation of the world God also chose US and gave US every spiritual-blessing and chose US to be God‘s own dwelling place and the Body Of Christ on earth. Ourselves, so ordinary, so human. How can we respond adequately to God‘s choice of us? By doing what Mary did – by saying …Yes. Yes to taking the time, even if at great personal sacrifice to attend Mass on this Holy Day.  And–Yes –by  opening our hearts at Mass to receive the blessing. From generation to generation we have looked to Mary as our model – as she herself prayed; “May it be done to me according to Your Word.” 

Mary, Model, Mother, Advocate help us with our saying ‘yes‘. On your feast we beg you for your intercession that your Son be born anew in us this Advent!

Our Mass times are Vigil Mass on Monday at 6:30 pm and Tuesday at 9 am.  Please make your best effort to attend one of the masses. Okay? Ok…

May the Peace of Our Lord And the Love of Our Lady; Be with you and all you love!

Father Ron


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