…..from your Pastors’ Desk…

Advent To-Do List

  1. Smile often. It’s infectious – isn’t it? (I learned this one from my mom)
  2. Pray like you mean it. That is, pray what you mean and mean what you pray. (Learned this one from God)
  3. Tell those you love… that you love them. In words…
  4. Rediscover old friends. Make that call. Send that Email.
  5. Make new ones. Engage – interact –open up!
  6. Hope. As I always say – ‘The Best is Yet to Come’.
  7. Give when you can. Time is your greatest treasure.
  8. Give in – when it is the right thing to do. Stop arguing or fighting.
  9. a. Buy some flowers. 9b. Take time to smell them. 9c. Share them.
  10. Keep a promise – even if it is… to yourself.
  11. Laugh often – even if it is AT yourself!
  12. Reach out. An open hand does more good that a clenched fist ever could.
  13. Hug a bug…that is…embrace the ‘grinch’.
  14. Sloooooooow down…and not just when driving. Be where you are when you are there and be with whom you are with. That’s where God is – you know?
  15. See a sunrise.
  16. Listen…to rain. It has a lot to say.
  17. Trust life. Life…is good…when you can get it!
  18. Have faith.
  19. Enjoy. Whatever you choose to do – enjoy doing it. It’s okay.
  20. Make some mistakes and…make sure you Learn from them.
  21. Explore the unknown. Be not afraid to BE NOT AFRAID…
  22. Celebrate your own life. You are worth it.
  23. Give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others.

Father Ron


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