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We all need healing.

Why? Because, regardless of age, we have all been injured. Whether emotionally, physically, psychologically or even spiritually, we’ve all been hurt. And this includes any of the above that are self-inflicted.

We also all know others that need healing. Some too proud to ask. Some too ashamed. Some who may not even know they can be healed. Some who may think they cannot.

I have not gone through a week without someone asking me; “Hey, Father, could you please say a prayer for…[their request]. And I am glad they do. It is what I do. Not that I have a more direct line to God than you do. It is that intercessory prayer is a huge part of a priests ministry. But it is not our sole responsibility. You too, can offer tremendous prayers for others. Specific or general. Personal or for a person you have never, and may never meet.

Sacred Scripture repeatedly encourages us to ‘pray for one another’. Prayer is powerful, for both the prayer and the pray-ee. When we are interceding for another we are in an extreme close union with God. When the Holy Spirit empowers us inward, we become channels of God’s peace and healing.

And, as I said, we must also pray for ourselves. For areas in our life that need God’s healing touch…and it matters not how or why.

And when I say ‘we’ I mean it. For when two or three gather in His Name, well…we all know what happens.

You, the laity, have a strong and much needed voice in the life and the activity of the church. And this maybe now more than ever when we sadly see the return of ‘clericalism’ beginning to raise its ugly head again. Now, more than ever, we need to see ‘Lay Ministries’ encouraged and supported. God has called you to your ministry just as much as God called me to mine.

That being said; a few years ago two members of our parish approached me about possibly starting a ‘Healing Ministry’ [not to be confused with the charismatic gift of healing]. In the proposal, people would be trained to offer prayers of healing for/with others. We would have specific times when people would gather in church for this. There would always be two people praying for/with the person. The request could be personal or general. Specific or ‘in-proxy’ for a friend or family member. We would kick-off the ministry by having a ‘Healing Mass’ with all prayers, readings, and music aimed at healing.

Which brings us to today, or three Sundays from now actually. On Sunday, Feb 23rd at 5pm, we will have our first ‘Healing Mass . Before I go and further, YES – this fulfills your Sunday Obligation for attending Mass.

The Mass will be like a regular Sunday mass except that after Holy Communion, I will offer the Sacrament of Holy Anointing.

After Mass our ‘prayer teams’ will be in various parts of the church for those who wish private prayer.

Anyone can come to this mass. Maybe you will be busy during that day and its time works better for you. If you do come, be ready to see the power of prayer and the gentleness of healing. I need you to pray too.

If this all seems to work in God’s plan, we will have these on a semi-regular basis.

If you have any questions – please contact me.

I am praying for you,

Fr. Ron

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