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This week we have the wonderful gospel of the Transfiguration of Jesus. For one brief moment, his disciples are allowed to see what lies ahead for all who follow his way.

We begin our own ‘transfiguration’ while still on earth, not so much achieving ‘glorified body’, but transforming our heart, our spirit, our soul into the Lord’s.

This is done by acts of charity and mercy, and also by spending time in conversation with God, in what we call prayer, in its many forms.

We may find that as soon as we set aside time for prayer, we can easily be distracted one way or another. So, this week’s exercise is:

Take a pad of paper and pen, or pencil, and write down any distractions that interrupt prayer. Maybe it’s a phone call you need to make, or an errand you have to run, or a document or item in the house you need to find. If it interrupts your prayer time, write it down and …deal with it later.

Do this each day of the week. Be prepared to have a running list. You might be surprised how long that list may be! But check the time each day to do it. Keep the list handy…and then pray.

SCRIPTURE FOR THIS EXERCISE: The Beatitudes are found in the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 5, verse 1 and following.

Take one of these each day and pray for guidance as to what God is teaching you about your life specifically that day with the particular Beatitude.

May this be a week of ‘spiritual transformation’ for you!

God Bless You and Happy Lent!

Father Ron

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