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The Year of Mercy

I have been asked to give a bit more guidance on how we can ‘live-out’ Mercy in our daily lives in today’s world. Well, what is old is new again. In this Year of Mercy declared by Pope Francis we ought to be thinking about some of the things we were taught in our catechism classes long ago.
How about these?

The Spiritual Works of Mercy
–  To instruct the ignorant;
–  To counsel the doubtful;
–  To admonish sinners;
–  To bear wrongs patiently;
–  To forgive offences willingly;
–  To comfort the afflicted;
–  To pray for the living and the dead.

The Corporal Works of Mercy
–  To feed the hungry;
–  To give drink to the thirsty;
–  To clothe the naked;
–  To shelter the homeless;
–  To visit the sick;
–  To visit the imprisoned;
–  To bury the dead.

Putting some of these works of mercy into practice would be a very good way of doing something fruitful for the Year of Mercy. You may not do all each day but even one – chosen over the opposite actions – makes a global difference. ‘The Butterfly- Effect’ has positive consequences as well!

Father Ron



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