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My Dearest People of Holy Spirit Parish,

Assuredly, this has been a Lent like no other, just as this has been a Holy Week like no other. We have known and personally partaken in the sufferings of Christ these last 40 days.

As the Holy Season of Lent draws to a close and we prepare for the Easter celebrations, we are reminded once again of the mystery within which we are baptized: the Life, Death, AND Resurrection of Our Lord. The pattern of our lives is now to be the same as Christ’s – the journey through death to life, through darkness to light, through falsehood to liberating truth.

However, as I write this and as you read this, we know not what the future holds. The quarantine is still in effect and only those deemed ‘essential‘ can go to work. We are in that middle place. More deaths are reported daily. A certain darkness lurks and so much of what we hear or read is false.

And yet, despite all this – with great power and purpose we see God revealed and reaching out to us in a most personal way.

The stories many of you have shared with me about your faith ‘journey’ in these times are incredible and inspirational.

What we all have, all share, is …Hope.

This Easter – more than any in our lifetimes – The Resurrection of Jesus means new life for humanity – a new hope, a new and lasting hope.

Let this Easter be a reminder to us of the gift of our Catholic faith. A faith that for all of you is held without the usual Trappings and Treasures of Tradition and Sacrament. I imagine that most of you have not received Holy Communion in a month. In each of my private masses I ask the Holy Spirit to share the Actual Grace of the Sacrament with each and every one of you.

So, how we live our faith day-to-day in these times has dramatically changed. But we are all and still constantly called by Christ to courageously love even in the face of injustice and personal sacrifice, to generously forgive, to compassionately care for the dignity of each human person, to give God joyful worship and praise.

The Holy Spirit is the Easter promise of Jesus given to His Body, the Church. The Spirit guides and empowers her, so we, her members, share with the world the reason for our hope, the cause of our joy, the source of our healing, and the giver of eternal life. The good news is that these gifts are for all. For we know a God who is loving and forgiving, merciful and generous.

Let our Easter response be bold and strong, fitting of an Easter People! We too shall Rise again! Even though we are practicing ‘safe-distancing’, we are a growing, living, active community.

The Holy Spirit is truly at work here at Holy Spirit!

Thank you for your continued generosity as even though we are quiet – we are not silent. We have our regular financial responsibilities as well as the day to day things that occur. Our phone and doorbell both ring daily!

So, especially in this Grace-filled season, your gifts of time, talent and treasure reach far beyond our parish boundaries as the presence of the Risen Lord’s love is felt by those in most need.

I wish you, all those you love, and all those who love you, a Happy, Holy and Blessed Easter!

Father Ron

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