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As I sit down to write this, looking out my office window, I see the trellis covered with roses. Dozens and dozens. Also, beautiful Wisteria, one of my personal favorites. It’s May! May has been a favorite time of year for many Catholics. The month of May, which started last Saturday, is dedicated to The Blessed Virgin Mary. This year almost the entire month falls within the liturgical season of Easter, which is represented by the liturgical color white — the color of light, a symbol of joy, purity and innocence (absolute or restored). The last day of May is Pentecost Sunday – May 23rd – Our Parish Feast Day.

Despite the restrictions – what a beautiful time of year it is here in Sonoma County. As spring blossoms forth and we are surrounded by new life, we still ponder the Easter mysteries and how we live them out even in pandemic times. The world is splendid with spring’s increased light and new growth. It is Mary’s month and the Easter season and all of nature rejoices with the Queen of Heaven at the Resurrection of the Son she was worthy to bear.

It gladdens my heart to see friends and neighbors enjoying our beautiful plaza resplendent with flowers [and fish]. Many people walk through and feel the relaxing peace of nature in full bloom. People love to sit by the stature of Mary and pray, or just listen. About five months ago I noticed a young man, early 20’s probably, sitting there looking at her. Walking back after Mass, he was still sitting there. He said, ‘Excuse me, do you work here?’ I said, ‘Well, I am the Pastor here’. He asked, ‘Who is this lady and why is there a statue of her? Is she somebody important?’ I said, ‘She sure is, she’s Jesus’ mother.’ To which he asked ‘Jesus had a Mother ???’. I said, ‘Yes, we all have mothers.’ This led to a great discussion on the topic. He had many other questions about the faith as well. And Mary smiled.

So – even though some restrictions are still in place – there are many things we will have that we couldn’t last May.

-We will continue having daily mass at 9am.
-We will have flowers on Mother’s Day [at all masses, indoor and out] given to each mother and all women who have raised children.
-We are starting a ‘Journey With Mary’ series that will meet once a month – Live and On-Site.

And, of course:

-We have the continued knowledge and assurance of a Mother’s Love.
-We have time to spend in prayer with her.
-And we have her Son, in our hearts, as He is in hers.

May the Peace of Our Lord,
And the Love of Our Lady
Be with you always,

Father Ron

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