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Beyond Human Reasoning

The Holy Trinity, today’s feast, is quite beyond human reasoning. “Two is company, three is a crowd” is a popular expression, but the New Testament would have it otherwise.
There, the figure three symbolizes completeness and perfect symmetry. The figure three appears at all the key moments of the Christ story: Three at the nativity story – the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Their first visitors were the three wise men. Later, in the desert, Jesus was tempted three times by the devil.

A good story should have a beginning, a middle and an end. Christ was a supreme storyteller and the use of three figures is prominent in his parables:
◦  The Prodigal Son is about a father and his two sons [three].
◦  The Good Samaritan tells of three passers-by, the Temple Priest, the Levite and the Samaritan.
◦  The sower sowed his seed in three different types of terrain.
◦  The seed yielded three different levels of harvest.

The end of Jesus’ life, as the beginning, was dominated by “three”:
◦  During his Passion, Peter denied him three times.
◦  On the road to Calvary, he fell three times.
◦  The crucifixion scene has three figures, Christ between two thieves.
◦  Before his resurrection, he spent three days in the tomb.

God is love. The three Persons in the Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, together represent the fullness of love.
We are made in the image of a triune God. Our lives should reflect this great Trinity.
We should be always creative like the Father, compassionate like his Son, and use our gifts in the service of others like the Holy Spirit.

May God bless you [1]
all those you love [2]
and all those who love you [3]
– Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Father Ron


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