Ordinary Time?

This Sunday we celebrate the Thirteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time. The term, Ordinary Time, does not mean unimportant. The word stems from the same root as ordinal (like the ordinal numbers) and refers to the fact that these are the counted (or numbered) Sundays of the year. They fall into the broad category of celebrations of the “Day of the Lord” As the readings for the special liturgical seasons tend to focus on various articles and events of our faith, the readings for Ordinary time tend to focus on the business of living the Christian life. They speak of how to go about being a disciple. This week they look at the gift of life, both physical and spiritual, that God has given us and cause us to think particularly about what our response ought to be. How is my gratitude towards God seen in how I use the gifts with which He has blessed me? One might clearly say, by putting them in service to others.

Gifts from God

This Sunday we are taking on the task of Ordinary Time with particular vigor, the task of service to neighbor. This makes sense since the heavier emphasis on sacramental preparation for children and adults alike hopefully kept us very busy all through Lent and Easter. Service projects that may have been part of these programs are now done, so now is the time for grass roots service projects, those forms of service that each of us should take on as part of our commitment to Jesus and that will become habits of service for a lifetime. The prayers and readings of this Sunday encourage us to embrace life, to be one with all who follow Christ, to embrace the example of Christ, and to offer our lives for the service of those in need.

We serve others because we, like Jesus, want people to live life to the fullest. There is no death that is a punishment from God. God always chooses life. Always. Anything we can do to help others live life to the fullest and turn away from despair is the kind of service to which this week’s liturgy calls us.


How can I serve

I would like you to think about how you can serve both God and your fellow parishioners. And, I would like to thank you in advance for your generous sharing of time, talent, and energy. The more people involved, the more the Sacred Sacrifice can be appreciated because the more God can come to us through others.  Our Mass attendance has gone up as well as has the number of registered families. I would like to see more of you involved in Ministry. We have lost some folks due to natural attrition and summer vacations and it is asking a lot for the same people to minister every week. We certainly shouldn’t have to duplicate ministries by having the same person who reads then distribute the Precious Blood, or have Altar servers be readers and the like. It is not ‘The more the merrier’ but, ‘The more the God-lier’. Here is a list of ministries for you to choose from: Lectors, Ushers, Eucharistic Ministers, Musicians, Singers, Sacristans, Offering Counters, Hospital/Home/Care Center Visitors, Religious Education Teachers or Teachers’ Aids, Youth Ministry, Drivers for the elderly or infirm to Mass. If any of these sound like a way you can possibly serve, please pray about it this week and talk to me next week. If you are only in town for the summer – or here on and off, that’s fine. If you are already in a Ministry in your ‘Home’ Parish, please let me know so you can serve here as well. And, if you are not sure what you can do – but just want to help out – see me personally – I know just the thing for you!

God Bless you and all you love,

Father Ron


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