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Rose Again

Q. Hey Father; One line in the Apostles’ Creed says, “On the third day He rose again.” Grammatically speaking, for Jesus to have “rose AGAIN” implies that there was a previous rising from the dead for him — which the Scriptures do not indicate, nor do we teach. Would you please explain for me why the Creed says, “He rose AGAIN”? It would seem that to say, “He rose from the dead . . .” or “He rose” would be more correct.

A. Great question. In the Greek text of both the Apostles’ and the Niceno-
Constantinopolitan (Nicene) Creeds the word translated “rose again” is anistemi, a verbal compound having “perfective” force (that is, “expressing action as complete or implying the action of completion, conclusion, or result”). It means simply “raise up” or “(make stand again) restore to life.” While perhaps a bit archaic, the translation “raise again” certainly is an accurate rendering of the Greek text, having the same perfective force. The point is made that such an adverbial use of “again” in the English colloquial usage is not without precedent. For example, to say “the boy fell down and got up again” need not mean that he fell down more than once and arose more than once. Thus, even in current English usage to say Jesus “rose again” does not necessarily imply (and of course does not in fact imply) that Jesus rose a second time.
Okay? O.K.
Q. Hey Father; what about when it says Jesus ‘descended into Hell’? What’s that all about?
A. Stay tuned….

Father Ron


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