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In the prayers we used to use for Mass until a few years back – we prayed each day that we would be “Protected from all Anxiety”. Quite a task. Truly a request only God could answer. Much more than ‘Don’t Worry – Be Happy’ [I must admit I loved that song when it was popular and still find myself singing it sometimes!]. And although it seems that we do need some tension in our lives for productive growth – too often we just ‘worry’ too much and are NOT happy.

One can wonder how Luke‘s Gospel passage today might have been different if Mary, not Martha, had been the one to complain to Jesus, if Mary had said ― “Lord, look at her! Here you are sharing your wisdom and all she can think about is supper.” Jesus may have noted, as Luke does, that Martha was burdened with much serving. Later in his writings, this same evangelist will describe in Acts how the early community set aside people whose ministry it is to see to the serving at table.

As a fully human person [and, yes, also Divine], Jesus knew that the human needs had to be tended. He doesn‘t deny this, nor does He chastise Martha for her working in service [I am pretty sure they all enjoyed the delicious lunch she made!] He chides her for being anxious and worried. How can Martha — or any of us—be anxious or worried about the serving that needs to be done when we do it in the context of the Lord‘s will and wisdom?

We need to be assured we will have what we need, when we need it, in response to His call to service. And remember – in whatsoever we do for the least of God’s people – we do not do it alone. Like some of you, I have traveled far and wide and seen the work of the Lord in both foreign and domestic lands. The Church has done more than any other institution to bear the heavy burdens of serving the ill, the uneducated, the suffering; She/we have been and are ― Martha to countless of the little ones whom Christ told us were His very presence.

But also, the Church has borne the burdens of service from the position of Mary: at the feet of the Lord, listening to and being guided by his word. What the Lord offers is the best of both worlds. We might then, modify that prayer to “Lord, protect us from all UNDUE anxiety”. And, THAT, He is HAPPY to do so!


The Mass we celebrate here is enhanced by participation. We do not just sit back and let everything happen in front of us while we passively look on. I have always believed that the more people involved, not the ‘Merrier’ but the ‘Godlier’. Remember one of the ways we teach that God is truly present in each mass is in The Gathered Assembly. You, specifically. And each of you is a unique, beautiful reflection of God.

It is heart-warming to see you, the Laity, the People of God, come forward during the different parts of the mass to serve this community as Lectors, Servers, Eucharistic Ministers, Ushers and Greeters, Singers and Musicians. And, do not be misled – you do these things not because there is a shortage of ordained ministers, but, rather, as a privilege of your baptism and God’s call to service.

We are in full summer swing and as you can see, some of our regular ‘ministers’ are out of town for the time being. Consequently we have the same group of people serving week after week. So this is a ‘Call To Service’.

I am inviting those of you who can, to step forward and volunteer your services to enhance our Liturgies in one of the above Ministries. But not only that, I also want to invite those of you who are new to Holy Spirit and perhaps have served in ministry in your previous parishes to serve here as well. Please take some time to pray/think about this. I am happy to speak with you in person and answer any questions you might have. We Need YOU!
By The Way…
– Both Martha AND Mary approve this request!

In His Service,

Father Ron


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