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Part-time Christian?

Since Pope Francis became Pope in 2013, many people have been following him on Twitter and regularly read his sermons. He really challenges us to become a better people and not to be part-time Christians, by encouraging us to put our faith into action. Today’s second reading from the Letter from James challenges us in 2015 to not only believe and have faith but also to put it into practice. James writes, “Demonstrate your faith to me without works, and I will demonstrate my faith to you from my works.”

When we look around us, there are so many people and situations which need our help. The pictures on the news of the Syrian refugees are heart breaking and cannot fail to move us. Pope Francis recently spoke about the situation, “I invite you all to ask forgiveness for the persons and the institutions who close the door to these people who are seeking a family, who are seeking to be protected,” and went on to say, “these brothers and sisters of ours are seeking refuge far from their lands, they are seeking a home where they can live without fear.” He urged the international community to take action by “working together and efficiently to prevent the causes of forced migration.”

More locally there are people and situations which need our help – the homeless, the lonely, the deprived and the sick are but a few examples. What can we do in our daily lives to rise to Pope Francis’ challenge of not being a part-time Christian and to live out the message of the Gospels by helping those in need in our daily lives? It doesn’t have to be a huge effort – comforting a friend in times of difficulty, visiting someone who is lonely, speaking out against injustice, donating an item for the St. Vincent de Paul Foodbank, or even a smile can often make someone’s day!

Pope Francis’ prayer intentions for September 2015 are for opportunities for the young and for catechists that they may give witness by living in a way consistent with the faith they proclaim. Let us remember these intentions in our prayers too.

God, our Father, I offer you my day. I offer you my prayers, thoughts, words, actions, joys, and sufferings in union with the Heart of Jesus, who continues to offer Himself in the Eucharist for the salvation of the world. May the Holy Spirit, who guided Jesus, be my guide and my strength today so that I may witness to your love. With Mary, the mother of our Lord and the Church, I pray for all Apostles of Prayer and for the prayer intentions proposed by the Holy Father this month.


Father Ron

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