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The Exultation of The Holy Cross – September 14th, 2020

We Catholics have Crucifixes in our churches. Most other Christian churches have Crosses. The difference being that a Crucifix has the Body of Christ on it and a Cross doesn’t. Why do we have Him this way? Do we not know that He has truly risen? Why do we keep Him so? Good questions. Simple answer: to remind us that suffering still exists in the ‘Body of Christ’; in every brother and sister who is in pain be it physically, emotionally or spiritually. It also reminds us that we can, at times, be the source of suffering for others.

The Cross is the sign and instrument of Christ’s passion and death. On it is the familiar figure of Christ crucified. When you look upon the cross see there the pain and anguish of the human race. See there the victims of the evil that humans inflict upon each other. The violence of war, the cruelty of terrorism. See the homeless and the refugees. See there the heartless attitudes towards the weak, towards the child in the womb, the young and the old. See there the outcome of our selfishness and fear. On the Cross hangs also the pain of the world, the sick in mind or body, the cancer sufferer, the person living with or dying from Covid-19. Here too hangs the bewilderment and anger of family and friends.

So, who can say that God does not care? Who can say after contemplating The Body of Christ on the Cross that He is a cruel and distant creator toying with his creation? Why the human race is like it is – is another question. Today we are called to remember that our God – our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, willingly offered Himself on the Cross. Our God therefore knows the suffering of the human race on a level each one of us would hope never to experience.

Look then upon the Cross and see the figure of Christ that hangs thereupon. Through that dreadful sacrifice the love of God is made known to us. On the cross the true nature of Divine love is revealed. It had to be so because real love involves self-giving and that in every respect demands some form of sacrifice.

See also what evil thinks of Truth, see what confused self-interest thinks of sacrifice. See there what those who seek earthly rewards think of spiritual patience. Look upon the Cross – look not with the contemptuous eyes of the unspiritual but acknowledge it as disciples of the Risen Lord and see it as the sign of our only hope. Let us then take hold of its healing lesson and understand that Jesus’ glory was not achieved in spite of the shame and suffering of the Cross, but through them and in them. Amen.

Father Ron

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