Saturday, August 20th, the Diocese of Santa Rosa will present a day of prayer and fellowship for all adults in the Diocese. The event will be held at Cardinal Newman High School, 50 Ursuline Rd, Santa Rosa.  On-site registration and program book pickup is from 8:00am – 8:45am. Holy Mass (in Gym) will begin at 9:00am

The theme is “Jesus is the Face of the Father’s Mercy”. Mass by Bishop Robert F. Vasa, different workshops and speakers will be presented bringing spiritual nourishment to all Adults in the Diocese.


Peter Kreeft: “Two Kinds of Mercy in the Year of Mercy”
Margaret Turek: “Film and Faith: Finding God at the Movies” and “The Spirituality of Mercy”
Fr. John Boettcher: Enkindling of Love: A Vision for the Spiritual Life both Practical and Mystical”
Mark Brumley: “Managing Mercy in the Year of Mercy” and “’Tough Mercy’ and the Family”
Steve Cortright: “Up from ‘The Religion of the Day’ to the Gospel of Christ Jesus: Arming Collegians for Faithfulness”
Rich Curran: “Changing the Wine Skins: Examine our Paradigm to Achieve 21st Century Discipleship” and“The Courageous Parish”
Sr. Maria Faustina, MSSR: “Memoirs of World Youth Day During the Jubilee Year of Mercy: An Experience of God’s Merciful Love in Action”
John Galten: “St. John Paul II’s Encyclical Veritatis Splendor”
Joseph Hollcraft: “Unchartered Territory”
Sr. Mary Rose Mank, MSSR “We are Called and Chosen to be His ‘Face’” and “Merciful Quotes to Live By, According to His Holiness Pope Francis”

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Jesse Romero: “25 Razones y beneficios porque debo ir a la iglesia y que hace la oración al cerebro” and “Por que El Señor no contesta mis oraciones?”
Osvaldo Guzmán: “La Moral de la Iglesia” and “Formación de la Conciencia”
Fr. Juan Carlos Chiarinoti: “El año jubilar de la Misericordia”
Fr. Oscar Diaz: “Jesus es el rostro Misericordioso del Padre: Formando Corazones y Conciencias”
Fr. Juan Carlos Gavancho: “La Doctrina de la Iglesia es un acto de misericordia”

For more information or to register, contact the Diocesan Office for Religious Education:

Phone:             (707) 566-3366
Fax:                 (707) 542-9702

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