Social Justice Ministries


Our Mission Statement:

Seeing and serving Christ in the face of our brothers and sisters in our parish and community through action and advocacy.

The book of James reflects the fact that–If our lives do not show good works, then our faith is dead. Jesus would not have turned his back on those in need.

These are some examples of the Church’s role in social justice.

  1. Promoting the dignity of every life (including the unborn).
  2. Coming to the aid of fellow parishioners who face tragedy and difficulty.
  3. Feeding the hungry from food pantries.
  4. Promoting community outreach programs.

It is important to know the truth of our faith and to incorporate our faith in our daily lives—-not just a Sunday obligation, but an everyday obligation.

Living the Church’s definition of social justice is living as Jesus taught each of us to live.

Social justice falls upon the individual, but one person cannot fulfill the obligation alone. We must work together–through organized bodies–as a member of a group whose purpose is to identify the needs locally, regionally, nationally and globally.

Social justice is being aware. We are responsible for one another and we should make sure that all have equal chances to succeed in life.

We have been serving our church and community since October 2013. Here are our current parish members. New members are always welcome.

MONTHLY MEETINGS, 4th WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH 5:30 pm to 7:00pm in the Rectory

social justice committee members

  • Bill Davis
  • Mary Davis
  • Ken Hicks
  • Ralinda Ginocchio
  • Carlea Rossi
  • Marti Hoeft
  • Dorothy Brenner
  • JoAnne Albers
  • Dn. John Storm
  • Carole Posehn
  • Robin Adams

Take a look inside our meetings to help better understand the good work being done.

Social Justice Ministries Meeting Minutes 5-28-14

Social Justice Ministries Meeting Minutes 6-28-14

Social Justice Ministries Meeting Minutes 7-23-14

Please contact Marti Hoeft at if you are interested in serving on this committee. You can also just put a request in below and we will contact you. Be sure to put a contact phone or email.