Social Justice Corner

Come join us for a TOUR OF CATHOLIC CHARITIES FAMILY SUPPORT CENTER sponsored by Holy Spirit.

We would love the opportunity to show you how your money and gifts are being utilized. Our goal for this tour is to establish a greater understanding of the Catholic Charities (CC) mission so we can all spread the word about them around. We have all seen the many homeless within our communities, but it would be much worse without the wonderful works of Catholic Charities.
Did you know? In 2016 CC moved six hundred and eighty six people into permanent housing? We will be learning about this and much more to do with the organization that changes lives….
Tour Dates are June 9th thru July 6th, August 3rd thru August 31st and September 15th thru September 28th. Please contact RaLinda Ginocchio with any questions at 707-538-3259. Also, there are many members of our Social Justice Team that would be happy to attend with you and even drive you there. They can be reached at 707-528-8712 ext 161 Hope to see you there!!

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