Hello friends,

Up until this past weekend we have been able to hold limited attendance masses.

We heard that the State Government was releasing new guidelines.
We all hoped that the restrictions would lighten up and we would be able to have the three larger indoor masses on the weekends like we had a while back.

This is not the case. The Local government of Sonoma County, due to increases of ‘Positive Tests’ has placed itself in the ‘Highest’ restricted tier. In our diocese only Mendocino County has done likewise.

Sadly, this means no more indoor masses until further notice.

Many of you have asked about outdoor masses at Holy Spirit. We are all set to go as soon as the smoke clears enough to be able to sit outside that long. It is a health risk at this point in this place. Where you live may be fine, but not here in this part of Skyhawk. **

Until then, we will still have the video mass every weekend and I am also starting up in September an interactive ZOOM for adults that will cover a different topic of our faith every week. I’ll email you later as to its starting date etc.

So, for clarification purposes, this is not my wish nor the Bishops wish. As I said before – we must follow the counties guidelines regarding health and well-being. ‘Places of Worship’ are not being singled out, nor is any one faith group being targeted.

Hopefully things will change again soon and for the better. I will keep you posted as to any and all changes that come that affect us directly.

In the meantime, I will continue praying for you all at my, now private. Daily masses. The office remains open normal hours. Megan is taking registration for ‘Faith Formation’ classes; K-12. And I am here for you for confessions or spiritual direction.
Or to just ‘talk’.

I know this is tough and trying for all of you. It is for us as well.
Let us continue to keep each other in prayer, and support each other in love.

** It is my understanding that both St. Eugene’s and St. Elizabeth Anne Seton are having outdoor masses presently. With both having multiple priests, I believe that they are following their ‘normal mass’ schedule as far as times go. I know they will welcome you.

May God bless you,
All those you love,
And all those who love you.

Fr. Ron

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