An Invitation from Jesus to Attend!
Three days that will change your life! Still time to join us!
Women’s Catholic Cursillo
Location: St. Joseph’s Camp, Duncans Mill
Date: June 3rd- June 6th (Sunday evening to Wednesday afternoon)
Are you seeking a better understanding of how much God loves you? How about an enjoyable get away where you can find peace, joy, and lasting friendships? Then please consider a Catholic Cursillo.

Jesus is inviting you to live a Cursillo with HIM. This Cursillo is for Catholic Women, 18 years and older who are able to receive the Sacraments.
Jesus wants to share with you the great love that HE has for you and to rejuvenate your Catholic faith through Cursillo. A series of talks will be given by clergy and laypersons, helping you to recognize Jesus in your daily life and to live your faith with Him in a more personal way.
Registrations are currently underway. The cost of $150. Includes meals and lodging. {Scholarships are available}
This is a spiritual time you’ll remember for the rest of your life!
So if you are ready to grow in your faith, please contact:
Mary Peterson:707-495-3095
Michelle Davis: 707-889-1343
Fr. Ron Serban: 707-539-4495

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