The time taken to help others is time given to Jesus. It is love that remains: It is our treasure in heaven, which we earn here on earth.”
(Pope Francis, 9/15/16)
Happy New Year to everyone from all the volunteers in the Saint Vincent de Paul District. Have you given any thought to volunteering in the New Year? Do you have 3-4 hours a month? If you have, Saint Vincent de Paul can use your help. The District—as a result of retirements and end-of-term duties—is in immediate need of senior staff to help with Vice President, Treasurer and President duties. Give it some thought. It is, as Pope Francis reminds us, “….time taken to help others.”
If you would like to volunteer or get more information, please do not hesitate contacting: Ron Plasse (795-0982 –, Jack Tibbetts (495-07438 – jtibbetts18@gmailcom), Jack Tolin (527-5849 –

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