As I mentioned at the very beginning of this Lent, our Almsgiving effort will be to help those who lost houses or who are just moving into living quarters after tremendous tragedies in their lives. Natural or otherwise. Last year we had the baby-bottles to put your offerings in. This year I asked you to choose something in your own home that was significant to you to do so. Something you would see every day.

I never mentioned it again. Now, though, it is time to bring forth your efforts. It doesn’t matter if you saved a bit every week and now add it up, or, if you just decide an amount now and offer that. As for me, I came up with an amount of $200. that I am offering. What you do is up to you.

The House-In-A-Box cost $2,200 each. We were hoping to sponsor several of them. I’ll let you know how we are doing as I imagine that we will receive the offerings over the next few weeks. If you have them today—made payable to St. Vincent de Paul–you can put them [clearly marked] in the collection basket or drop them by the office anytime – as the mail slot is always available.

Thank you in advance for you generosity.
Father Ron

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