God blessed the human family by becoming a member of one, through Jesus’ human family. This is what Christmas celebrates. This is why there is something so very human about this feast, something that touches us in a way deeper than mere nostalgia. Christmas celebrates God’s becoming one of us and one with us. Jesus comes as an infant, placed in the care of a struggling, but lovely family. We are reminded at Christmas that our families are shrouded in the same holiness that Jesus’ family is, and look to their lives together as an example of how to love each other through celebrations and struggles. Check out to find your free resources designed for families in the continuing the Good News at home.

NO CLASSES THE NEXT TWO WEEKS FOR ALL FAITH FORMATION CLASSES 1ST GRADE THROUGH HIGH SCHOOL! We are on Christmas break until the week of January 8th. Wishing you a peaceful Spirit-filled Christmas Season!

****HIGH SCHOOL YOUTH “MOVIE NIGHT” WILL BE ON Wednesday, January 4th, 6 to 10pm!!! Bring your favorite movie and a snack to share….we will have pizza, popcorn and water to drink! RSVP so we know how much pizza to buy!

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