Pastor’s Desk 10.17.21

……from your Pastor’s Desk

I love the fall. And as I quietly contemplate on what I might write, I watch dappled sunlight shifting through trees stirred by a warm, soft and gentle breeze. Leaves that are already on the cusp of turning into beautiful and stunning shades of gold and brown as winter awaits.

It reminds me in the beat of a breath, despite the seemingly constant bombardment of real but terrible news from TV, Internet and the Press, that I live in a truly beautiful, magnificent and inspiring world for which I should give real and constant thanks to God.

It reminds me that the seasons come in and go, year on year, whether we will them or not.

It reminds me that we are simply custodians and stewards of the gift of God’s creation.

It reminds me that I am a tiny thread in a rich tapestry created by a master craftsman who, at the beginning of time, gave man and woman stewardship of creation.

Today, as I write this, the heat has finally abated, it is a brilliantly beautiful, crisp, fall day.

I went for a walk last night and the falling leaves of red and gold were swirling and dancing in circles around my feet in the courtyard. They certainly wanted to be noticed.

The clear blue sky [ just look up as you walk out after mass] makes one feel like you could look straight into heaven. We all need reminders to seek the Source of all creation and to give thanks and praise. Seeing God in all things helps us see all things in God.

My sister called the other day crying. I asked her why – she said this was the time of year Mom always came to New York City and they would go for long walks through the park and along the river, arm in arm enjoying the fullness of the season.

The display of fall beauty across the world helps caregivers of the sick and elderly among us. The senses can be stimulated in marvelous ways. We are all caregivers at some time in our lives. It also helps us with the very young whose every new experience can be one of joyful discovery – if we unfold it to them and allow it to be so.

Help your loved one enjoy:

-the touch of the crisp air,
-the smell of the glowing fireplace,
-the taste of fresh-baked breads, pastries and cookies…
-the sound of falling leaves,
-the wonderful display of red, gold, and cocoa-brown colors in the earth.

New memories can be made and wonderful hidden memories can be resurrected from the past and meaningful moments can be shared and treasured. It is a time to rejoice before the dark, cold days leading to the end of the year descend upon us.

Today, I wish for YOU some special time with your LOVED ONES…stimulating all your senses to feel alive and well in the gifts of creation.

Blessed are we who can take a moment and say,

“Thank you, Lord,” for your beauty revealed to us.
Thank you;
Thank you;
Thank you ….

Father Ron