Pastor’s Desk 6.16.19

……from your Pastor’s Desk Beyond Human Reasoning The Holy Trinity, today’s feast, is quite beyond human reasoning. “Two is company, three is a crowd” is a popular expression, but the New Testament would have it otherwise.There, the figure three symbolizes completeness and perfect symmetry. The figure three appears at all the key moments of the

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Video Study for Adults

You are invited to join us Tuesday evenings at 7PM in the Holy Family Room to watch videos from workshops at LA Religious Education Congress 2019.This week (6/18) we will view Ronald Rolheiser a” Speaking Prophetically for Justice – Principles for Christian Prophecy.”Questions? Contact Megan O’Neill at or call the Faith Formation Office for

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8th to 12th graders invited to Summer Fun!

Looking Forward to… SUMMER FUN! Wednesday Nights 6:30- 8:30PM ALL incoming 8th graders to seniors in high school are welcome to join in the fun! And as always BRING A FRIEND! Capture the Flag! – June 5th & 26th Photo Scavenger Hunt – June 12th Movie Night – June 19th Download Summer Fun Signup Sheet

Pastor’s Desk 6.9.19

…..from your Pastor’s Desk: Happy Birthday! A few years back, we had a very cool conflation of celebrations. Mother’s Day and Pentecost were on the same day. And, as was brought to my attention just before mass that day, a mother and her daughter were both celebrating their birthdays on that same day! A mother’s

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Diocese Summer Youth Programs

See the Diocese Youth & Young Adult office for Summer Retreats, Conferences and Mission Trips at or email Stephen Morris at Also suggest to youtube/google these events for a sneak peak. • Youth On a Mission. A discipleship & leadership training by the 7 Northern CA (Arch) dioceses, hosted at Holy Names University.

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Registration 2019-2020

You are invited to join us next year, no matter what your age, and take the opportunity to grow in your relationship with God and others! NOW IS THE TIME TO REGISTER YOUR CHILDREN FOR THE FALL! Preschool & Kindergarten: Sunday Mornings 10:15 AM- 11:15AMGrades 1 to 5 : Classes will be held Sunday mornings

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Pastor’s Desk 6.2.19

…..from your Pastor’s Desk: Parting messages have their own impact. The last words said by someone moving away or even going away for a long time hold special places in our hearts. I remember deployments I went on in my 16 years of military service and how touching were those words between husband and wife

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Adult Faith Formation

Adult Faith Formation If you are interested in joining the Catholic Church or would like an adult update on what you last learned in JR. High School or High School, come join us:Wednesday Nights- 7:00- 8:30PMRosary RoomLed by Thom O’Neill

Pastor’s Desk Memorial Day

……from your Pastor’s Desk Memorial Day When I go to Memorial Day wreath laying services at cemeteries I always find it interesting to observe people on this day who don’t believe in Purgatory, or, for that matter, don’t believe in any life after death – same thing at funerals. I can’t help but wonder what

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Communion and Confirmation 2019