Pastor’s Desk 11.28.21

……from your Pastor’s Desk

Setting the Stage for Our Advent Journey

Today is the first day of the new Church year. It is also the first day of Advent. Advent is the 4 week period before Christmas when the Church celebrates the first coming of Christ and anticipates His second coming.

It is also a time when we are pressured by advertisers to buy as many gifts and send as many cards (with Gift-Cards included) as we can. It seems that we are hurried through this season in anticipation for what the secular world now calls the ‘Winter Holidays.’ But that is not how we will observe these next three weeks. We observe the Holy Season of Advent.

The word ‘Advent’ is from the Latin ‘Adventus’, meaning ‘Coming’ or ‘Arrival’ and the season of Advent is focused on the coming of Jesus as Messiah. Our worship, scripture readings, and prayers during this time not only prepare us spiritually for Christmas (His first coming), but also for His eventual second coming. This is why the Scripture readings during Advent include both Old Testament prophecies predicting the Messiah and New Testament passages concerning Jesus‘ second coming as Judge for all people. Also, passages about John the Baptist, the one preparing the way for the Messiah, are read.

Since Advent looks forward to Christ‘s birth and Incarnation, it is an appropriate way to begin the Church Year. It also reminds us not to ‘Jump the Gun’ to Christmas. Yes, we already hear Christmas songs on the radio and, yes, the stores are already vying for our attention, and reminding us of shopping days till Christmas (27- BTW) but we as Catholics know that anything good is worth waiting for and working for.

Let us use this time to truly prepare our parish and individual hearts for the coming of Christ. Let us not race ahead, but slow down and prepare, really prepare, for the birth of our Lord.

I pray you have a Happy. Holy and Harmonious Advent.

May God Bless us as our Advent Journey Begins.

Father Ron