Liturgical Ministries


If interested in joining any of the following ministries, feel free to contact the office:
Office Phone: (707)539-4495
Office hours: M-Th, 9:30am-2:30pm


Those confirmed individuals that proclaim the Word of God at Mass who have a deep love for the scriptures.
If interested in joining this ministry, please contact Mike Cusack:

Extra Ordinary Ministers

Those Catholics in good standing who wish to assist in the feeding of the community at Mass with the precious Blood and Body of our Lord.

If interested in becoming a Eucharistic Minister at Mass, please contact the office.
If interested in joining the homebound ministry, please contact Fred Walsh: (707)291-4848

Music Ministry

People who enjoy singing, playing an instrument or being part of joyful dynamic support that supports the celebration of the Mass. All are welcome whenever you have the time to join us: weekly, monthly, seasonally, or whenever you can.

If interested in joining this ministry, please contact Brenda Roberts: (707)321-9057

Altar Servers

For those who have made their first Communion and wish to assist the ministers at the altar in the celebration of the mass.


Those that assist in the set-up and take down in our liturgical celebrations, namely the mass.

Altar Society

Those that take care of the linens used at our liturgies, and helps keep the sanctuary clean.


Those that welcome people at the doors before mass  each weekend so that no one is a stranger. They also distribute the mass bulletin.


For men and women in high school or older who assist people in getting seated. Responsible for taking up the collection, and securely placing the donations into the safe.

Art and Environment Committee

Invites people with artistic sensibility and/or experience to become part of a committee to oversee the “decorating ” of our church building during the different seasons of the year and coordinates the floral arrangements at our liturgies.